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Julian Anika Marcus Jane Eliza Tumba pallas Eugenie


Julian, character from The Bad Death

Master of a Lion's Court plantation, Julian Mouret believes there's no mystery that science can't explain. Wild animals - not the mythical plat-eye - are killing slaves and the patrollers hired to find Pallas. Convinced Annie seduced him to enable Pallas to run away, Julian distrusts her as much as he desires her.

ANIKA (Annie)

Anika, character from The Bad Death

She, alone, has the knowledge and skill to fight the bloodthirsty shapeshifter known as the plat-eye. When brutal slayings correspond to sightings of Pallas, Anika pursues the friend who may now be her elusive foe. To succeed, she'll need to outwit Julian and enlist Marcus, while fighting a powerful attraction to both men.


Marcus, character from The Bad Death

A Mouret slave driver, his harsh methods mask altruistic motives. Marcus has the rank and power to help Anika destroy the plat-eyes attacking his workers. He reminds himself she's Julian's mistress. Marcus is determined to keep his heart out of reach.


Jeff, character from The Bad Death

Cherished daughter of a retired slaver. Society beauty. Murderer. Anika must be careful she doesn't become a toy in Jane Eliza's deadly games.


Tumba, character from The Bad Death

Officially, he's a feeble old hermit. Unofficially, the conjure man's dominion over death and control of the elements make him the most dangerous man in the Lowcountry.


Eugenie, character from The Bad Death

Julian's sister-in-law will pay any price for the charms that guarantee a pregnancy. But if the magic works, who - or what - will grow in Eugénie's womb?


Pallas, character from The Bad Death

Victim or predator? Julian blames wild animals for the recent biting and mauling deaths on Mouret plantations. Anika suspects the bloodthirsty shapeshifter known as the plat-eye. All clues lead to Pallas. Anika vows to save her if she can, kill her if she must.



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