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Swisher Natalie Jeff Swisher Andrew Mick Rowena


Swisher, character from Blood Room

Chain smoker, fashion addict, and eternally fifteen, Swisher loves poodles, parties, and playthings that can't run away. It's all good, with Julian as a beloved and indulgent master. Until his obsession with a fragile ballerina threatens to unseat the balance of power, and Swisher's boyfriend - the vampire who most wants to take Julian down - catches the scent.


Andrew, character from Blood Room

Andrew was Natalie's principle dance partner at Charleston Ballet until an unseen assailant's night-time attack landed him in the hospital. Bound to a bed by slings and casts, Andrew is captive to the silken caress and piercing bite of a beautiful visitor he fears and craves.


Jeff, character from Blood Room

Despite his varsity athlete looks and cranky manner, Jeff has an artist's soul. Maybe that's why his new ballerina brings out protective urges. With Natalie's attacker still at large, no stranger is above suspicion, not even Charleston Ballet's newest rich guy. Something about Julian Mouret's sleek elegance and self-assured manner isn't quite en pointe. Whatever dirty little secret he's hiding, Jeff will find it or die trying.


Julian, character from Blood Room

Vampires are fed by one source and unified by one law: to protect the secret of their true existence or face execution. Neither Julian's power as a ruling vampire or his place in Charleston society could prevent the savage incident that put Natalie's life in his hands. He must kill her before his betrayal of the secret claws its way out of her memory. But he can't forget the heat of Natalie's body, pressed full length against his on that fateful night. Unable to resist the lush curve of her lips and the sensual promise in her brilliant eyes, Julian's playing for time in the riskiest game of his life.


Mick, character from Blood Room

Appointed by higher-ups, Mick is cop, executioner and Internal Affairs. He has always had unvoiced suspicions about every aspect of Julian's existence. Mick searches for any chink in the armor, anything on which he can challenge Julian's power. It might take some time and detective work, but all Mick needs is enough circumstantial evidence to warrant the death penalty.


Natalie, character from Blood Room

Prima Ballerina Natalie Heyward never saw the man who attacked her and her partner with lightning speed and brutal force one moonless night. Physically unharmed but inwardly shattered, Natalie throws herself into Charleston Ballet's new performance, but the ballet's enigmatic benefactor, Julian Mouret, undermines her contrived defenses. Why does her attraction for this handsome stranger feel illicit? Something in him calls to her and she can't just pirouette away.


Rowena, character from Blood Room

Vying with Natalie for the spotlight as Prima Ballerina, Rowena wants Natalie's new Prince Charming, too. Never lacking competitive spirit, she either clears the field or decides it's clear enough already. One way or another, Rowena never takes her vivid blue eyes off Julian Mouret. Some might call it spying, but she's just watching for her cue.


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