Bloodroom novel by Naima Haviland The Bad Death novel by Naima Haviland
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NIGHT at the DEMONTORIUM: Complete Anthology

 Read a sample at Amazon.  Psychological meets supernatural in a room without dimensions known as the Demontorium. This hardcore horror bundle includes Aunt Téa’s Addiction, The Entrepreneur, and other Kindle bestselling singles from the Demontorium Series. Nine cautionary tales meant …

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Bloodroom is now an Audiobook!

  Who could resists those eyes! Wait’ll you hear him speak! Yes, Julian Mouret now has a voice, courtesy of award-winning narrator, Paul Heitsch. Bloodroom is now a downloadable audiobook. You can listen to a sample at Amazon, Audible, and …

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The Bad Death

Passion rules the heart and terror rules the night… South Carolina, 1788. The African beauty emerging from his family crypt is a stranger to Julian Mouret, the refined owner of Lion’s Court plantation. A dancer and a mystery, she spins …

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Giving it 5 stars, Amazon readers call Bloodroom “romantic, sexy …a Moulin Rouge type of story” and “an exciting, intricate, and delicate foray into the seductions of the vampire …” I call it Black Swan with fangs. Consistently placed in Amazon’s Top 100 …

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